Most people who start learning a foreign language need help. And although in today’s world that help may take many forms, traditional methods still prove to be the most effective. Two t’s always work; you just have to find them.

The first “t” stands for “a teacher”. If only you have a chance to work with a person who speaks the language you want to learn, do it. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can substitute a good teacher. You may have all the resources available, but they won’t correct your mistakes, they won’t tell you if the sentence you’ve created is error-free, they won’t answer your questions or dispel your doubts. Working with a professional is a privilege not everyone is given. Make use of it, and you will quickly see positive results.

The second “t” stands for “a textbook”. If finding yourself a teacher is not an option, you have to look for a solid student’s book, which will help you understand pronunciation rules and grammar concepts. Textbooks are an essential tool for language learning, so make sure that the one you are going to use is of high quality. It should be well-designed and filled to the brim with useful and relevant content (for example, if you are an adult, you don’t really need one hundred pictures on every page, do you?). But most of all, it should suit your needs. Remember, the textbook will be your “teacher” – choose it wisely, because you simply have to “get along”.

Of course, all other learning aids – flashcards, apps, online games, etc. – are helpful as well. However, they will not replace a good teacher or a good textbook. Nowadays, we tend to rely on modern technology in almost every aspect of our lives. But when it comes to learning, it’s good to “stay in the past”, if you will. At least a little bit.

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