How often have you started learning a language only to give up soon after? I think we all know what it’s like. You get this brilliant idea “Hey, I will learn …!”, you are excited, you go buy everything you need (and even things you don’t need), you study grammar and memorize fifty new words every single day. But after a while your initial enthusiasm wears off. And you ask yourself: “Why am I doing this in the first place?”

Believe it or not, but that’s pretty normal. When you begin a new adventure – and learning a foreign language is a new adventure – you are hyped up. You have motivation and you are more than eager to devote your free time to the new lingo. Because you want to see the results. As quickly as possible. The problem is, the results we usually expect don’t come after one month, three months, or even one year.

Language learning is not a sprint, but rather a marathon. You have to tame your zeal and keep a steady pace. Do not anticipate results right away! Be patient and, most importantly, consistent. Make learning a habitual activity; it should become a part of your routine. Like brushing your teeth. Or drinking your favourite coffee. You don’t have to study every day. But if you tell yourself you will study every other day or three times a week – stick to it. After some time you will surely notice your progress. And do not worry if after a few months of learning you still make mistakes or don’t understand everything. That’s natural and completely okay. So do not get discouraged. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing. One day you will get your reward. And you will be able to proudly say – in the language you have learnt of course – “I did it!”

3 thoughts on “LEARNING TIP 3.0: TAKE IT SLOW

  1. You are completely right. we can fully agree. Stick to your own “rules” and you will recognize a progress. And never worry of mistakes, mistakes are part of learning and even native speakers make mistakes. This is just normal.


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