For a good few weeks now people all over the world have been living in total chaos. Unsure what the future will bring, we are trying to keep our heads above the water and just take one step at a time. Obviously, learning is not something we are focusing on. But maybe we should try and change that?

I understand – believe me, I do – that we all have bigger problems at the moment. When the world goes crazy, it’s natural that we forget about such trivial things as language learning. After all, why study when you’re desperately trying to avoid getting ill? Why study when you’re worried sick about your loved ones? Why study when you need to keep your business in business? Why study when you don’t even know when you are allowed to travel abroad? I will tell you why. Because life will go on. Because sooner or later this hell on earth will come to an end. Because there will come a time when we will be healthy; when we will be able to enjoy what life has to offer.

Keeping that in mind, dedicate a few minutes a day to sit with a textbook or an app and focus on learning. Not only will this benefit you in the long run, but it will also be a wonderful distraction during this state of turmoil.

Now, some of you may ask: “What if I can’t concentrate on learning?”, “What if I can’t think about anything else but coronavirus?”. Well, if that’s the case, do the minimum.

Memorize one word per day. Only one. (Your vocabulary will expand.)

Practise pronunciation or comprehension skills. (You will engage your brain.)

Watch a movie or listen to a song in the language you’re learning. (It won’t even feel like learning.)

Make notes – in your notebook, using plenty of colours. (You will feel great satisfaction when you finish.)

Chat online with native speakers. (Who knows, maybe you’ll make new friends?)

It doesn’t have to be grammar, and you don’t have to spend two hours with a book in your hands. Just make sure that the language is present in your life. That will be more than enough.

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