You would think that you don’t need a phrasebook if you have constant access to the Internet. You want to know how to say “Hello” in any given language, and your very cool uncle Google will always be there to help you. But imagine that one day you wake up in some faraway place (the remote islands of the Pacific, perhaps?) and your Internet connection no longer exists. What then? Then you might encounter a problem, unless you have a good old phrasebook as your companion. … More “SOUTH PACIFIC PHRASEBOOK” BY LONELY PLANET


Let’s face it, there are very limited resources available for learning Oceanic languages. A few textbooks and dictionaries, a couple of academic publications (which you won’t understand unless you are a linguistics professor), some free-to-use online materials that can basically teach you how to say “Hello” and “My name is …”. That’s all. Not a lot, right? … More “PRACTICAL MARSHALLESE” BY PETER RUDIAK-GOULD